Penn Outdoor Services is committed to providing safe working conditions for all its employees and compliance with all current and applicable occupational health, safety and environmental laws. Penn will develop the operations, procedures, and policies we believe are needed to provide such conditions. We will train employees to work safely on their jobs and will expect them to work safely at all times. Employees must report unsafe working conditions promptly to their supervisor.

Safety Training Program

Increasing safety awareness is a corporate goal at Penn.  We believe that by increasing awareness, we will decrease hazards, risks and, ultimately, accidents.  Increasing safety awareness is accomplished through improved training.

Company Safety meetings will be held regularly.  All managers will meet to discuss a safety topic, review all accidents and near accidents, discuss methods to prevent these accidents, and suggest future safety topics.

Safety meetings will be conducted in each department by management or a guest speaker.  Employees will discuss safety topics, review accidents and near accidents, discuss methods to prevent these accidents and suggest future safety topics.  All employees of each respective division are required to attend such meetings.

All managers, supervisors, and/or foremen will be responsible for promoting safe work habits.  If a manager witnesses an employee practicing unsafe work habits, the employee will receive a written safety violation.


Penn will comply with all applicable legal requirements regarding safety and occupational health. Because the rules and regulations are so extensive, each employee is encouraged to consult with his/her supervisor about any questions.

Company Property

Each employee is responsible for the safe operation of all Company tools, equipment, machinery, vehicles, or other company property in his or her charge.

Penn will provide for proper care and maintenance of company property, but each employee should report any malfunction to his or her immediate supervisor.  The supervisor shall investigate and take the necessary steps to correct the malfunction as soon as possible.

Protective Equipment

Penn employees are required to wear all appropriate protective equipment at the proper times and in the proper environments. Penn is legally bound to make sure each employee complies with this policy.  It will be strictly enforced by all supervisors.

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