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Every property type has different needs and expectations when it comes to budgeting snow and ice management services. To meet each of our clients’ individual needs, we offer customized service contract options including:

  • Seasonal All Inclusive: Fixed price for the season. That way, they will not have to worry about payment after each push and can be tailored to a specific budget. Penn Outdoor Services will automatically take care of the winter weather. The price is based on a 3-year contract.

  • Seasonal Hybrid: Custom seasonal contract tailored to a client’s needs with a per inch cap and optional floor.

  • Per Inch: Fixed price per inch of total accumulation during a 24 hour period. The bill for each event is based on the total depth of snow & ice. De-icing products are charged per application.

  • Time & Material: Hourly cost for labor, equipment, and materials used.