Penn Outdoor is committed to delivering sustainable landscape solutions on our client’s sites, in our vehicles, branch offices and the designs we develop. Penn will continue to research and implement additional sustainability green practices as well as utilize eco-friendly products in most of the areas we provide products and service.

Sustainable Environmental Landscape

  • Recycling of natural organic waste

  • Use of recycled natural materials wherever possible ( Mulch)

  • Practicing Integrated Pest Management Techniques- IPM

  • Organic fertilizers and Pesticides for turf-grass and tree & shrub spraying

  • Use of low environmental impact deicers in our Snow operations

  • Utilizing liquid de-icing products to minimize the overall usage of salt in the environment

  • Mobile applications for our crews to track job costs in lieu of paper

  • Paperless workflow processes throughout our operations

  • Route mapping to reduce vehicle travel times & increase crew efficiency

  • Efficient Irrigation water management systems

  • Utilize low moisture plantings (Xeriscaping) whenever possible

  • Designs utilizing pest resistant plantings

  • Energy efficient Landscape Designs- utilizing shade trees and wind breaks

  • Reduction of stormwater runoff through the use of Green Roofs, rain gardens and wind breaks

  • Creating and enhancing wildlife habitat

  • Utilizing permeable paver hardscape projects

Thank you again for a tremendous fall clean up of our development last week. You and your team were fast, thorough, neat and courteous. The Board of Directors commended you for your excellent service at our yearly meeting in November.

HOA Board Member

A great big well done to your crew, given the extreme systems you had to contend with, they did a great job!

Property Manager

I would like to send you and your staff a compliment. I walked the property this past Tuesday and was very impressed with the landscaping. Your staff did a great job with the cut and also cleaned up very well. Great job!

Community Manager

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